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Style Details

Get the unbeatable looks, style and comfort with the Dansko Professional Oiled. These clogs are among the master piece which won the hearts to many. They are supremely comfortable and have outstanding interior cushioning. They have been made from the top quality and long lasting materials which gives you years of professional and elegant looks. The upper has been made from the premium quality and durable leather. The upper molds as per the shape of the foot to allow natural fit. This leather is box leather which is perfect for the work conditions which has greasy, acidic and wet environment. The natural irregularities of this leather have been removed to give it clean and smooth finish. This leather is also the easily maintainable leather and it can be cleaned with the water and soap. The collar has been cushioned to provide comfort and prevent the bruises caused by the long time wearing. The toe box has been made from the thermoplastic which is roomy enough to allow comfortable toe movement and it also ensures sturdy support. The interior has been cushioned with the synthetic foam and it is wrapped with the vegetable tanned leather which is nonallergenic. This lining provides excellent comfort and it also wicks the moisture away from the foot to keep the foot free from bacteria, moisture and odor.

The heel has special counter made from the polyurethane which is protective and enhances the ride by allowing heel to move down and up. This counter also enables stability, support and shock absorbing. The inner frame has been made from the PVC which minimizes the pronation and torque and it maximizes the support, stability and shock absorbing. The outsole has been made from the polyurethane which is lightweight, flexible and shocks absorbing. The outsole has been designed to withstand the extreme cold and hot surfaces. The shock absorbing abilities of this outsole help in minimizes the fatigue and stress on the legs and feet. The outsole has the rocker design which forces the foot ahead to deliver smoother and easier ride. The Stapled clogs by the Dansko are designed to hold out at work places which have excess animal fats and vegetable oils present on the surfaces. In other words these clogs have been designed to be slip resistant. The world's leading footwear research and technology organization called SATRA have conducted the slip resistant assessments for these clogs. The American Podiatric Medical Association has given the seal of acceptance to the Stapled Clogs Collection by the Dansko. Its heel is 2 inches high as per size 12. These clogs may feel snug when you step into them and the heel should be able to freely move up and down. These clogs can be found in the men and women sizes. You can find this style in these colors: Espresso Oiled Full Grain.



Randi from Sacramento, California

These are my favorite clogs in the whole wide world. I don't think there is any other shoe I have come across which fulfills so many demands. These clogs are perfect for me and they have all the things which I wanted to have in any clog. First of all they have incredibly great looks and style. They have this professional looks which makes them perfect combination with the office dress and then they have this little bit touch of casual looks which makes them again perfect with the jeans for casual hangout. I have two pairs; both are in brown color because I couldn't find it in any other color than brown. I bought the other pair one month after I have bought the first because I didn't want it to get old and then vanish from the stores. So now I have two pairs of exactly identical clogs and I love wearing them all the time. These are the first shoes I have tried of the Dansko brand after a friend suggested it. They have extremely comfortable interior. The moment I wore them, I knew they are not some ordinary shoes, they are very special. They are accurate as per width and size. The arch support is just amazing. I have worn these clogs for a very long time many times and not a once my feet have hurt. So I can suggest that if you stand at your work a lot then these shoes are perfect for you. They might be a little expensive but the performance and durability is just amazing. For over 8 months, both of my pairs are in perfect condition. Whenever they get dirty, I just take a damp cloth and wipe them clean without any hassle. These shoes deserve 5 out of 5 marks. A must buy product. I wish I can find them in black color.


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About Dansko

Dansko is highly famous brand around the globe. It started back in 1990 in Pennsylvania. This brand was founded by the Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot who is the team of husband and wife. The sole objective of launching the brand was to make shoes which are ultimately comfortable. So no matter which style you pick of this brand, it will be amazingly comfortable right out of the box. They make the shoes from the carefully chosen premium quality materials and they stuff tones of modern shoe making technologies and use the combinations of natural and synthetic materials to make these shoes durable, long lasting and comfortable.

Most of the Dansko shoes feature Box leather uppers. This leather is highly durable and it molds as per the shape of your foot. This leather is able to withstand the working environment which has access presence of greasy, acidic and wet materials. The box leather is very easy to maintain and it can be cleaned with the help of water and soup to give the shoe out of the box looks. Most of the styles also feature heel counters made from the polyurethane. This material is highly shocks absorbing and lightweight. These heel counters move up and down as you walk to give you support and stability. It also reduces the amounts of shocks which travel up the spine to introduce stress and fatigue. They use the polyurethane outsole. These outsoles have been specially designed to provide you slip free, smooth and shocks absorbing ride. The outsoles are lightweight, flexible and durable. The outsole has been designed to work perfectly on the work surfaces which have animal fat and vegetable oil present on it. This means these outsoles have been special ability to work effectively on the slippery surfaces. World's leading research and technology organization called SATRA have conducted the tests to check the slip resistant abilities of the their shoes. Another common thing in most of the styles is that the American Podiatric Medical Association APMA has given the Seal of Acceptance to these shoes. Most of the their shoes have the rocker design outsole which aids in walking and it pushes the foot forward. The uppers come in various materials which all are supremely durable, long lasting and easily cleanable. The upper materials include Full Grain Leather, Crazy Horse Leather, Patent Leather, Sturdy Canvas, Coated Leather, Pebbled Leather, Kid Suede, Nappa Leather and Milled Leather.
Some of the most popular style are; Professional, Embossed Dot, Stormy, Specialty Patent, Kenzie and 20th Anniversary. Get you perfect pair of Dansko® today and give your feet the comfort which they deserve.


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